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Common Concerns

In this competitive market, you need a Realtor that is experienced and can get your home sold in a short amount of time with the least amount of stress and burden on you, the Seller! I am that Realtor.

Common Concerns from Sellers:

1.   We are thinking of using (xyz) Real Estate agency.

    The company does not sell the home it is the individual agents activities!


2.   We will save the commission by selling it ourselves.

    Yes, you can save commission by selling it yourselves. Have you thought about the problem this creates for you?

3.   Let’s list the property high because we can always come down later.

    Most Buyers won't even bother looking at homes that are priced too high. Do you want a bidding war on your home or not have the opportunity to negotiate offers at all?

4.   I have a friend in the business.

    Almost everyone does, do you want to do your friend a favor or sell your most valuable asset? Another thought, can you fire your friend if they are not doing a good job?

5.   Another agent said he (or she) could get me more money.

    Maybe they are afraid to tell you the truth, up front, do you want the truth?

6.   What do you do to sell homes?

     All Agents bacically do the same thing, put the home  in the MLS, advertise in newspapers, websites, magazines, and make flyers. There are two types of Agents, active and passive. I am an active Agent, I will actively and aggressively market your home to all the top Agents in our area. I will make phone calls to my past clients, your neighbors and Agents to let them know about your home until I find a Buyer!

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